City hall

Mission Statement

To champion partnerships with the State of North Carolina and regional councils of government and their local members to promote and support regional collaborative solutions to complex challenges.



The Forum is nationally known as a “best practice” for providing informed, innovative and creative regional solutions to complex challenges facing the state of North Carolina and its local units of government.


Core Areas of Focus


Process Improvement of Governmental Programs & Service Delivery

Promote Local and Inter-Local Solutions

Enhance Public and Private Resources

Water Resources for North Carolina



The Forum consists of elected officials and community leaders from the sixteen regional councils across North Carolina that serve the State of North Carolina established in 1969 by General Statute 143-341

Delegates 2013-2015

A    William Hughes

B    TBD

C    Max Hopper – Vice-Chair

D    Loretta Clawson

E    Merlin Perry

F    Joe Carpenter – Chair

G    James Festerman

J     Mike Cross

K    Jimmy Clayton

L     A.P. Coleman

M    Arnold Page

N    John Alford

O    Frank Williams

P    Robin Comer

Q    Lewis Hoggard

R    Tracey Johnson


Officers for 2013-15:    Joe Carpenter – Chair,  Max Hopper – Vice Chair, Tracey Johnson – Secretary, Bill Hughes – At Large

The delegates serve two-year terms and can be reappointed.  Chairmanship is a two-year term and voted on by a majority of the Board.