All regional councils in North Carolina provide services for their local governments. Their range of services vary. However, all the councils are committed to providing their services statewide and have signed an Inter-Regional Cooperative Agreement to assure the delivery of consistent service delivery across the state. So, contact your COG if you have questions regarding the services you need and if they do not provide they will assist you in securing those services through their association partners.

In addition to the services listed to the right, the regional councils serve as the “convener” on numerous occasions and in a myriad of issues by local, regional, state and federal partners. They have been instrumental in creating regional solutions by fostering regional collaboration and partnership building across the state of North Carolina.

Federal & State Partners

  • NC Departments of Commerce, DENR, DHHS, DOT, Agriculture
  • NC Rural Center

Aging Programs

All regional councils in North Carolina administer the federal and state aging programs for their member governments in cooperation with the NC Department of Aging. Please refer to our Contact Us page for their web address to get more information for your area.

Community and Economic Development

Regional Councils provide a wide range of community and economic development services from assistance with water and sewer to overall comprehensive economic development planning. The councils work in collaboration with the local economic development offices across the state as well as the NC Department of Commerce and DENR.

Grant Writing and Management

All regional councils provide grant writing and management services for their member governments and various non-profits in their communities. Those services are provided to their local governments upon request.

Planning and GIS Mapping Services

All regional councils provide planning services and several have extensive capacity in many fields such as water resource, transportation, and environmental fields. They work cooperatively to provide statewide planning and GIS services when requested by various local, regional, state and federal agencies.

State and Federal Program Management

The regional councils provide numerous federal and state programs across North Carolina. They administer aging, transportation planning, CDBG grants, HUD grants, data collection, housing programs, etc. They are considered the primary organization for the delivery of services across North Carolina.

Workforce Development

Almost all regional councils administer the federal and state workforce development programs in cooperation with the NC Department of Commerce through their Workforce Development Division and The NC Workforce Development Board.