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creative regional solutions

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The Association develops an Action Plan every two years to guide its work statewide.

The Action Plan is developed after analyzing current and emerging national and global issues that could affect the economic sustainability of the state.


Aging Services

Our policy is to support the concept of the Area Agencies on Aging and their to assignment to NC’s Regional Councils. Further, it is the policy to support federal and state funding for older adult services, initiatives, program development, planning and AAA administration. The Association will continue to work cooperatively with the State Division of Aging and Adult Services to maintain program integrity and funding levels appropriate to the needs of older adults in NC.

Convener Of Relevant & Emerging Issues

The Association will continue to identify statewide issues and serve as the convener of local governments and relevant partners to explore pressing, statewide issues of economic and community development, develop strategies that foster the “fundamental building blocks of competitive regions” and foster overall, sustainable statewide economic development through creative statewide strategies.


Our policy is to work collaboratively with public and private entities to foster the growth of adequate, clean and sustainable energy, develop and deliver energy education and conservation programs, identify and promote alternative fuels and technologies.


Our policy is to exercise and promote stewardship of our natural resources. Regional Councils have the responsibility to demonstrate leadership and identify creative solutions to resolve issues related to air quality, water resources and sustainable land use.


Our policy is to support and promote progressive transportation planning and continued federal and state funding for metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) and Rural Planning Organizations (RPO) enabling increased participation in transportation planning by local elected officials in the state’s urban and non-urban areas. Our goal is to develop and implement transportation strategies through encouraging and enhancing local and state initiatives toward livable and sustainable communities.

Workforce Development

Our policy is to support the concept of the Workforce Development Boards, their vision for an improved workforce, their program of work and their placement in Lead Regional Organizations, local governments and other agencies statewide. These entities are well positioned to facilitate the involvement of private sector members, local educational institutions and public agencies. The Association will closely monitor potential federal actions to assure that local governments maintain a key role in the administration, planning and delivery of workforce programs.